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Ten new world netball stars emerge at WYNC

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Did you catch the World Youth Netball Championships? Which players caught your eye? Netball Scoop has a look at some players from the event who we think will become stars of the future – expect to see many of these players again at the Commonwealth Games and World Netball Championship.


Chelsea Lewis – Wales

Wales are on the way up, there is no question of that and their sixth-placing showed they have certainly arrived as a middle-weight world netball power.

Left-handed goal shooter Lewis was solid as a rock throughout the event. Her static, though well-timed and strong game worked well with the fast-flowing Welsh midcourt.

Lisa-Marie Wiese – South Africa

Wiese was only brought into the lacklustre South African side as a last minute replacement, but proved herself an eligible contender for the senior side with her solid performances at goal attack throughout the event.

Natalie Haythornthwaite – England

Not the best English junior team we’ve seen and many of these players don’t stand a chance of cracking the senior side.

Haythornthwaite does, however, stand a chance. A fast, stylish wing-attack/goal-attack with loads of flair in the tradition of Tamsin Greenway.

Khadijah Williams – Jamaica

Pocket midcourt dynamo and great to watch to full flight.

Raijieli Daveua – Fiji

Fiji has been a bit quiet in recent years, but Daveua is a spectacular goal keeper with outstanding timing and elevation. It would be great to see her playing in Australia or New Zealand sometime soon.

Samantha Wallace – Trinidad & Tobago

One of the best players of the tournament without a doubt, Wallace is a magnificent athlete who can play at both ends of the court and at goal attack, goal shooter and goal keeper.

Wallace has missed selection in the senior side the last few years in favour of goal shooters who are tipping 40.

This is unacceptable. Wallace can play at goal attack, with a taller more senior player behind her at shooter. The senior team could also use her at goal defence.

For the fledgling Calypso Girls, Wallace is the way of the future. If not Samantha, you are welcome to move to Australia!

Shamera Sterling – Jamaica

It was wonderful to see a reinvigorated Jamaica at this event.

Sterling is 17 year old goal keeper bursting with natural talent and capable of mixing in the air with the best.

Jamaica now has got some real defensive options for the first time in a number of years.

Shonica Warton – Barbados

The 17 year old goal shooter from Barbados is most comfortable shooting from mid-range and loves using her girth to take in the low ball. Warton played a big part in the Bajans best ever WYNC placing of seventh.

Warton has already played a swag of senior test matches and should keep Barbados within the mid-ranking range for years to come.

Thristina Harwood – Jamaica

Harwood stepped onto the court against New Zealand and shot with awe-inspiring success. Jamaica won the quarter 19-6 with two shorter players on court.

Harwood is a brilliant goal scorer and loves the long range shot. A Harwood/Jhaniele Fowler combination would make any defensive combination nervous.

Vangalee Williams – Jamaica

Oberon Pitterson-Nattie, eat your heart out – Williams is a strong, athletic player who must surely have been the deflection queen at the WYNC. Williams is already a Sunshine Girl starting-seven player where she has played a number of her best test matches at wing defence.