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Ricky Martin

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Anthrick Prep School Meet,Ricky Martin,JISA Prep Champs,

Photo: Donovan Lofters makes a presentation at the Lasco iDrade Anthrick Prep School Development Meet 





The 8th staging of the Lasco iDrade Anthrick Prep School Development Meet will take place today at the UWI/Usain Bolt track starting at 8:30am. The meet will feature over 40 schools, while Flying Angels Track Club will make their second appearance at the event.

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Ricky Martin,INSPORTS,Primary Champs,Naggo Head Primary,Ian Andrews,


(l-r) Ricky Martin, sales and marketing executive, Hi-Lyte; Andrea Hanson, sport officer, Institute of Sports and Ian Andrews, administrative director, Institute of Sports and Andrea Givans, teacher, Naggo Head Primary, share a light moment following the media launch of the 36th INSPORTS Primary Schools Athletic Championships at the National Indoor Sport Centre on Friday, May 6, 2016.





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Anthrick Sports Management,Ricky Martin,Digicel,Pure Water,Flying Angels

Photo: Leroy Crooks Sales and Marketing Manager of Peak Bottling Company, Justyice McInnis coach at Flying Angels, Sandra Ledgister Sponsorship Executive at Digicel, Earl Letford founder and head coach of Flying Angels, Ricky Martin of Hi-Lyte and CEO of Anthrick Sports Management and Okiffe Forrest coach at Flying Angels on arrival of the Flying Angels Track Club at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston Jamaica on Thursday.

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 Anthrick Sports Management,Julian Forte,Sherona Forrester,Ricky Martin

Photo: Julian Forte guest speaker, Sandra Ledgister - Sponsorship Executive at Digicel, Ricky Martin CEO of Anthrick Sports Management, Sherona Forrester guest speaker and member of the Reggae Girls and Leroy Crooks the Sales and Marketing Manager of Peak bottling company at the launch of the Pure Water-Anthrick Sports Management Track meet.