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Reggae Girls

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Photo: Jodi-Ann Thomas plays a through pass for Jamaica during their 3-2 win over Barbados in their friemdly series recently. 





The recent call up to the national women’s team came as quite a surprise for Jodi-Ann Thomas. With most senior players suffering from a lack of inactivity due to the absence of a league last year, the former UWI Women’s FC player had not kicked a ball in anger for quite a while.

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Reggae Girls,CONCACAF,CFU,Under 20 World Cup, Under 17 World Cup,

Jamaica's National Under 17 Reggae Girlz beat Trinidad and Tobago 1-0 to advance to the CONCACAF Under 17 Women's World Cup Qualifying Tournament to be held in February 2016 in Grenada.


This makes the second national women's  youth team to qualify for the CONCACAF stage of World Cup Qualifiers as the National Under 20 Girlz also qualified for the CONCACAF Under 20 Women's World Cup Qualifying Tournament to be held in Honduras in December 2015.