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Akeem Bloomfield,Auburn University,Kingston College,PUMA,Jamaica,Diamond League,

Photo: Akeem Bloomfield - "Puma is a wonderful company and I am really looking forward to a long lasting relationship with them.”





Akeem Bloomfield became the latest top rated Jamaican track athlete to sign a professional contract with leading sports brand Puma. The Auburn student athlete decided to forgo the rest of his athletic scholarship to turn professional after what was a sparkling season at the collegiate level for him.

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PUMA,Javon Francis,INSPORTS Primary Champs,Naggo Head Primary,

Photo: PUMA sponsored Javon Francis speaking to the young athletes at the launch of the INSPORTS Primary Schools Athletic Championships last week.





PUMA sponsored athlete Javon Francis has used his status as Jamaica’s leading quarter miler to inspire the next generation of athletes who are likely to come through and represent the country in a few years.

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Alfred Francis,Champs 2016,Puma,Kingston College,Calabar High,Wolmers,


Photo: Puma representative in Jamaica, Alfred 'Frano' Francis, displays the Bolt Evo Disc Laceless Spike, at the launch of the ISSA/Grace Kennedy Track an Field Championships at the Spanish Court Hotel last week.





Addressing the launch of the 106th staging of the annual ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Athletics Championships at the Spanish Court Hotel last week,Puma Jamaica Representative Mr Alfred 'Frano' Francis revealed that Champs will be graced by the new, laceless Puma running spikes.

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Dr. Warren Blake,Champs 2016,Puma,Grace Kennedy Limited,


Photo: Michael Ohara was at the centre of the ambush marketing fiasco at Champs 2015. ISSA insists that they will be taking legal action against any company found guilty of similar attemps to violate terms and agrrements involved in sponsorship of the ISSA/Grace Kennedy Track and Field Championships which begin on March 15th.





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Usain Bolt,RJR Sportsman Awards,Puma,Jamaica,

Photo: Usain Bolt posing with his trophy after he was named Jamaican Sportsman of the Year for 2015. It was the fifth such time that Bolt was receiving the award.



Usain Bolt has thrown cold water on suggestions coming out of the United Kingdom that all world records in track and field should be wiped out and everything start over from scratch.

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Jason Morgan,PUMA,World Championships,Olympics,


Photo: Jason Morgan in training.



The tears flowed freely down the face of Jason Morgan when being interviewed at the end of the IAAF World Champions in Beijing, China in 2015. Frustrated by another below par performance by himself, due to injuries and a lack of financial support, Morgan, in an open and honest interview revealed to the world just how challenging it was for him as a professional athlete, but vowed to soldier on despite the setbacks he had faced.

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Jason Morgan,PUMA,World Championships,Olympics,

“I am thankful and humble for all that’s going on in my life at this moment. I have some kind and amazing people to thank for assisting my journey so far.”

Those are the words of the national record holder for discus in Jamaica, Jason ‘Dadz’ Morgan.

Despite having a less than stellar 2015, Morgan insists that the year was a “blessing” for him and he is looking forward to an even better 2016.

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World Championships,Warren Blake,PUMA,

Photo: Jamaica Administrative Athletics Association President Dr. Warren Blake

Amidst a growing trend of gorilla marketing and a strong desire for outside parties to associate themselves with the strong Jamaican brand at the World Championships now on in Beijing China, the Jamaica Administrative Athletics Association (JAAA) has moved swiftly to protect themselves and their sponsors at the event.

In a release dated Monday August 24th the JAAA’s indicated clearly who the official team sponsors are at the event. Below is the full text of the release:

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Michael Ohara,PUMA,Glenn Mills,Usain Bolt,

Former Calabar stand-out athlete, Michael Ohara, has signed a professional contract with sportswear giants Puma. The 19 year old who just completed his high school track and field career has decided to forego college and will be conditioned by the legendary Glen Mills, who is also the coach of the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt.
A release explaining the move is found below:

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Gibson-McCook Relays,PUMA,Wisynco,CVM,

Jamaica’s largest relay carnival has had a name change as one of the founding fathers of the event, Neville “Teddy” McCook will be posthumously honoured by having his name added to the title. Formerly known as the Gibson Relays and named after the founder of Kingston College, the international relay championships will now be called the Gibson-McCook Relays and will be held on Saturday February 28th at the National Stadium in Kingston Jamaica.