ISAA/FLOW Manning Cup

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Kingston College,Norman Manley High,ISAA/FLOW Manning Cup,Rashwan Mackison,Trayvone Reid,schoolboy football,

Photo: Trayvone Reid of Kingston College brings the ball under control while being pursued by Norman Manley High defender D'Angello Thompson during the ISSA/FLOW Manning Cup game between the two schools at the National Stadium on Saturday. Reid hit his second hat tirck in a row as KC ran out 7-0 winners to claim their fifth straigh win of the season.


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Kingston College,Jahmal Pusey,Ludlow Bernard,ISAA/FLOW Manning Cup,

Photo: Jahmal Pusey got the second goal for Kingston College against Jose Marti as the Purples moved to twelve points in Group G on the ISSA/FLOW Manning Cup competition on Saturday.

Kingston College continued their fantastic run in this season's ISSA/FLOW Manning Cup competition when they racked up their fourth straight win to increase their strangle hold on Group G at the half way stage of the opening round. Saturday's 2-0 win at Jose Marti means the famed 'Purples' now have 12 points and have gained their third clean sheet as well.