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JaVA Deran Lee Volleyball Championship

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Defending National JaVA Primary & Prep Schools’ Volleyball Champions Savanna-la-mar Primary and the Defending Westmoreland Champions Holly Hill Primary & Infant are among the schools that will contest the quarterfinal round of the League section in the JaVA Deran Lee Primary & Prep Schools Volleyball Championship for Westmoreland schools on Friday, November 29, 2013 at Loving Care Christian Academy, Farm Pen Road, Savanna-la-mar.


 Sav topped the eight-school West Zone ahead of Unity Primary, Little London Primary and Loving Care who placed 2nd to 4th respectively, while Holly Hill beat five other schools to top the East Zone, from which New Road All Age, Chantilly Primary & Basic and Kings Primary were the 2nd to 4th placed respective qualifiers.


“The two schools in the League that will represent the parish this year will receive a set of twelve jerseys for players and one for their coach,” informed Sponsor Deran Lee, Education Building Officer for Westmoreland; adding “These are to be used by the respective schools in the JaVA Deran Lee Championship for at least the next five years.”


The top three in both the Rally (won by Unity with Holly Hill “B” 2nd and New Road 3rd) and League will also receive medals and trophies.


Holly Hill has won the Championship twice; at its inception in 2009 and 2012, with Enfield Primary & Infant winning in 2010 and Unity in 2011.