Tsetsi "Assassin" Davis,Courtney McCleaves,Wray and Nephew Contender,
Mar 24, 2016 |

Photo: Tsetsi "Assassin" Davis land a left hook to the head of American Courtney McCleaves, in the 2016 Wray and Nephew Contender Boxing series, at the Chinese Benovolent Association...

Wray and Nephew Contender, Kemahl Russell,Kevin Placide,
Mar 19, 2015 |

Photo: Kevin Placide is knocked to the floor for the fifth time by Kemahl Russell who looks on from the corner. Russell won the first fight of the...

Oct 19, 2014 |

Photo: Nicholas "Axeman" Walters lands a punch against Nonito Donaire in their WBA Featherweight championship fight on Saturday night. (...

Jul 16, 2014 |

Photo: Sakima Mullings lands a punch on Tsetsi Davis

It took Sakima “Mr. Smooth” Mullings one more round than predicted to get the better...

Jun 25, 2014 |

Tsetsi ‘Lights Out Davis’ put in a polished performance and well executed fight plan to eliminate Howard ‘Battle Sea Bomber’ Eastman from the 2014...

Jun 18, 2014 |

Photo: Davis (left) and Eastman will square off in semi-final 1 of the Wray and Nephew Contender tonight at 9:30.


Jamaica's Tsetsi...