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Babies take the spotlight - Basic school champs has 25 new schools

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Kingston, Jamaica – Twenty-five new schools

and a record participation of 51 institutions are slated to compete in the 2013 INSPORTS Basic School Championships for the Corporate Area.


This was announced at a media briefing at the Institute of Sports on June 10, 2013.


The event which started in 2000 runs from June 12-14 at the National Stadium from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm daily.


The CAB/RJR Basic School are the defending champions, while teams will battle for points in 26 events.


The constant call for corporate support was made by all speakers during the briefing organized by INSPORTS, the state agency for sport development at the grassroots.


Only prominent rehydration brand Hi-Lyte Sport Drink Mixx has come on board this year, which will see the event without a major sponsor since its inception.





This event according to Mr. Ian Andrews, administrative director of INSPORTS, culminates a successful athletic season under very testing circumstances.


“This championship is part of a triumvirate which includes the junior high and all-age champs and the primary school champs, all annual competitions organized by the Institute of Sports,” said Andrews.


“We are mandated to develop sport across the island through organized competitions such as these.”


He added: “But I want to remind the parents, coaches, and teachers that at this level it is recreation and winning isn’t important. What we want is to give every child the opportunity to participate and have fun.”


Sales, marketing and promotions executive of Hi-Lyte, Mr. Ricky Martin applauded the Institute of Sport for bringing back the championship inside the National Stadium’s main field, while stating his commitment for years to come.


“Basic School Champs is the best event I have ever been to,” said Martin who has returned as a sponsor. “I have been to many track meets but this basic school championship is something special and close to our hearts and we are here for the long haul.”


“This is where it all begins. This is the root of our athletic programme, where our superstars are born,” noted Mr. Rudolph Barnes, assistant national sport co-ordinator at INSPORTS, as he provided data on the championship.



“Last year we had 40 schools. This year we have 51 schools, 25 of which will be competing for the first time. So we are growing bigger and getting better,” Barnes stated.


One of the original members from that inaugural year in 2000 is Ms. Julie-Ann Garvin who is a teacher at the CAB/RJR Basic School.


She has seen the progression of the event, but once again called on parents and others not to get too overly enthusiastic as it creates unnecessary pressure on the “little ones”.


Speaking on behalf of the participating schools she said: “Basic School Champs is a lot of work for us but you see the benefit for the children. It’s a joy for the kids to run at the National Stadium because that’s where our star athletes run as well. Sport is a huge motivation for learning as well. It is a wonderful thing and we hope that an official sponsor will see the need to sponsor this event.”