Tarees Rhoden not rushing greatness

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Photo: Tarees Rhoden - "I am just taking it one step at a time, because we don’t rush greatness."





It hasn’t taken long for former Kingston College track and field captain Tarees Rhoden to get his priorities straight as to what he wants to do with his life.

In 2019 Rhoden captained Kingston College (KC) to a record breaking points total as they ended the seven year reign of rivals Calabar High and took the Mortimer Geddes Trophy back to 2A North Street.

A comprehensive win at the ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys & Girls Athletics Championship for KC and a personal best of 1:49.04 in the 800m final highlighted his last “Champs” before he headed off to Oklahoma Baptist University in the United States.

It hasn’t taken the 20 year old very long to choose a career path for his post-athletic life.

“I’m a Finance major with a minor in Spanish. I’m trying to become a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) but the work is pretty hard there. It’s more math, nobody likes math, but it’s a lot of calculations and you have to be dedicated. I have been in the library at midnight studying because its finance, it’s a lot of work but I want to be different.

“I’m doing the Spanish because I want to be more versatile, go overseas, go to different countries, so that’s what I’m doing right now. Probably the next two, three years I’m out of college with a degree, so that’s the aim right now.”

But with all that said, Rhoden’s passion for track and field still burns strongly and being a professional athlete after college is also on his agenda.

“I am working towards (becoming a pro athlete). I am in pretty good shape, especially this season, I am in very great shape, but it is what it is. I am more focused on the books, but I love track and field, but I ensure that I balance both.

“As it relates to the professional level, I don’t say I think I can, I know I can, but there is more work that I have to put in. Gym work and track work and specific work and I think I am getting that right now because I can see improvement on the track. So far, I did a 1:53 in track shoes, that’s probably a 1:48 in spikes, so I think I am in pretty good shape.”

After feeling his way through his first season, Rhoden is now looking to push on further and chances are it will be at a Division One college, instead of his current school.

“Last year was gaining experience, feeling things out and competing, so this year I think I am in pretty good shape. I am just taking it one step at a time, because we don’t rush greatness.

“I haven’t signed yet, but more than likely I will be at the Razorbacks. I was supposed to be at Clemson University, but they cut their men’s programme which was heartbreaking for me, but those things are always a blessing in disguise. So, I am weighing my options right now and going through the season. I have gotten many offers from a lot of top colleges, but I have to go where I think I will be best fitted,” he concluded.

Rhoden is hoping to make the most of his second shot at the outdoor season as a freshman when that season gets going next year.