The sky is the limit for the OAJ, Team Jamaica Bickle partnership says Clare

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Photo: "The sky is the limit" to th MOU sgined between the OAJ and Team Jamaica Bickle says their CEO Irwine Clare





CEO of Team Jamaica Bickle, Irwine Clare thinks that the partnership they have formed with the Olympians Association of Jamaica (OAJ) is one that has no limits.

Clare who has been at the forefront of serving Jamaica’s athletes for a quarter century is certain that both organizations are on the cusp of making monumental progress in the growth of both Team Jamaica Bickle and the OAJ.

“How do we provide a pathway, a platform, to encourage Olympians to come onboard,” he asked, before providing the answer himself, to what such a move will bring.

“When they come onboard, what will be happening is that you will now be having a groundswell of support.”

The CEO insisted that getting more Jamaican Olympians to join the OAJ is the key to the success of the MOU.

“If I were to look at this MOU, I’d say the biggest opportunity we have here is how do we jointly go out there and welcome onboard Olympians who may be looking for that invitation and so using different angles, different apparatus, we can get them onboard. Because I know that once you have that collectivity of persons coming onboard, the sky is the limit,” he explained.

Team Jamaica Bickle has their own calendar of events and Clare believes that the partnership will help to grow their brand through the star power that the Olympians bring to the table. He also promised to continue to honour Olympians on a yearly basis, as they have been doing over the years.

“Other situations, yes we will be looking to leverage to see how we can do joint endeavours, we have events too that we would like to have some star power. At the same token we will now continue on the process of recognizing an Olympian on a yearly basis.

“We have done several including Deon Hemmings, Bert Cameron, Dennis Johnson, Raymond Stewart, the list goes on and on. In fact, the first person we (honoured) was Michelle Burgher.

“Many people will say Michelle Burgher? Yes, because in the diaspora Michelle Burgher was a name that stood out for us and we felt that its not always the person who past the tape first is the significant individual, but there are others who are making things happen and she was a person who was representing well and we honoured her. We will continue to do that now.”

Clare also revealed that there will be emphasis placed on monetizing their projects in order to be able to continuing to give to those who are in need of financial support.

“We will be working with the OAJ to see how we work together to make it happen and at the same token, let’s not kid ourselves we must find ways to monetize our activities.”

Team Jamaica Bickle has been providing support to Jamaican high school teams at the annual Penn Relays for the last 25 years.