Prep school cricket get $5m-plus from Scotiabank

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Photo: Left to right: CEO of the Jamaica Cricket Association, Mr. Courtney Francis, St. Hugh's Prep wicketkeeper Toshiro Jones, Hope McMillan-Canaan, Public and Corporate Affairs Manager at Sccotiabank and O'Neil Cruickshank, Cricket Operations Manager at the JCA look on as Latavia Swaby of Richmond Park Prep shows off her grip of the ball.



The 2018 Scotiabank Prep School Cricket Competition was launched at Sabina Park in Kingston on Thursday, with the announcement of five million dollars ($5,000,000.00) in sponsorship and three bursaries of fifty thousand ($50,000) each for the county MVP’s.

This competition which began in 2002 has proven to be a real nursing ground, bringing through a number of players who have gone on to represent Jamaica and the West Indies.

The CEO of the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) Mr. Courtney Francis lauded Scotiabank for their contribution, not just to Jamaica cricket, but cricket in the region.

“We continue to thank Scotiabank for the significant role they have been playing in the development of our cricket and the development of our youngsters to ensure we have better citizens in our society. Scotiabank’s contribution has been so significant, not just in Jamaica, but across the region, so that we can call them the bank for cricket. They continue to assist the programmes, they continue to ensure that opportunities are created for youngsters and they have been doing this for many years,” he said.

Francis also encouraged the participants to play the game in a fair manner.

“I wish all the teams all the best and I hope that you play the game fairly and in the context of the rules. Ensure that you make friends, because 10-15 years from now you will be the leaders of this country.”

Speaking on behalf of the sponsors Scotiabank, Hope McMillan-Canaan, Public and Corporate Affairs Manager, said that the main aim of the bank was to ensure that well rounded individuals will come from being a part of the competition.

“At Scotiabank we sponsor cricket because we know it’s very important to bring up well rounded, disciplined young people who can take on the leadership roles of tomorrow and that is what this is ultimately about.”

She insisted that being a part of the sport will increase the leadership abilities of the participants.

“We are happy you are a part of the programme,” said McMillan-Canaan.

“We want you to learn all you can from the coaches and ultimately when you become grown up one of you, may one day be the Prime Minster and part of the discipline and skills that you learn about being part of a team sport will be one of the things that makes you into a successful leader,” McMillan-Canaan suggested.

“While you are enjoying the game you need to make sure that you are learning all the other competencies around what it is about playing sports. We sponsor cricket because we want you all to do well and we love to see the successes at the end of the day,” she concluded.

O’Neil Cruickshank, the Cricket Operations Manager at the JCA outlined the format of the competition. According to Cruickshank there are 42 teams in the three counties of Surrey. Middlesex and Cornwall that will play in zones, then semifinals, county finals and then a national final. All the matches will be 25 overs each and at least one girl must bat and bowl between positions one to four.