NBA Conference finals

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The NBA Western and Eastern conferences finals are about to commence and the top four teams as was predicted made it to the finals. In the Eastern Conference finals, we have the Indiana Pacers, the number 1 seed team and the Miami Heat the reigning NBA champions. The Western Conference consists of highly decorated championship team, the Spurs and the Oklahoma Thunder; the youngsters who have been desperately trying to win a title.

Now all four teams have different styles of play and a crop of great players. Depending on the rhythm, team effort and venue the results will be different. The Indiana Pacers had a slow start in the quarter finals but bounced back to make it to the semis. This happened because their dominant players such as Roy Hibbert stepped up to the table after having a poor start. In order for Indiana to win the series against the Miami Heat, Hibbert along with Paul George, David West, Lance Stevenson and the rest of the team have to be at their best. They have guys that can shoot "threes" and they have the big man advantage in the middle. If they do not come together as a team they will have serious problems. The Pacers tend to be very inconsistent and not as cohesive as the Heat.

The Miami Heat on the other hand have a bunch of superstars, the infamous big three; Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Boss. Plus a very explosive bench with the likes of Ray Allen, Norris and Anderson. This team is competent and deadly and when their players play at the highest level they are almost unbeatable. They have yet to lose a game at home and will be aiming to maintain that run.

The Heat also have the best playoff record so far, having lost only one game between the quarter finals and semis.They are an all around great team. The downside for the defending champions is that they sometimes struggle when being frustrated and give away unnecessary fouls but as mentioned before they know how to turn up. This will be a great battle between them and Pacers.

The Western Conference finals consists of the San Antonio Spurs and The Oklahoma Thunder. It seems after being tested by the Dallas Mavericks in the quarter finals, the Spurs made vow to annihilate any team that came in there path thereafter. The Spurs are not only deadly but they have a mixture experience and youth. Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli boost the engine of the team while players like Leonard, Splitter and Green are always there to to back up them up.The Spurs seem to be a complete team and know how to hit big shots when it counts. They seem to have their eyes on the prize, though they sometimes slack off and lose big leads.

Based on the statistics the Spurs have a great team but they have an uphill battle facing the Oklahoma Thunder. The Thunder possesses a lot of youth and stamina. Led by the MVP of the NBA Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. They form the deadly twosome with help coming from Serge Ibaka, Sefolosha and old wise one, Derrick Fisher off the bench. They are eager to win but have a major problem which is the heavy dependency on Durant and Westbrook. These two are usually on top of their game but when the team struggles, most times they do not really have anyone that is consistent to back them up.

Unfortunately for the Thunder, Serge Ibaka picked up an injury and will miss the remainder of the season. This will leave the Thunder in a devastating position. They are a good and confident team and can win the finals if they get it right.

These four teams have great coaches and they have to come with there A-game tactics: on the sidelines and in the locker rooms. Players have to be consistent and fans have to be entertained. It is win or go home situation. Let's see what will happen; will the games be officiated fairly? Is this the year we see a new champion? Who will be on the top of their game? Stay tuned, as we witness another great playoff season.