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Photo; Marlon Samuels (WICB)

"We extended invitation to Samuels with full knowledge that he is not a member of West Indies Players Association (WIPA) but was an interested party.

"Samuels contributed vigorously to the discussions held and indicated clearly, at that time, that he would stand with any decision taken by the team”. These were the words of the captain of the West Indies Limited Overs team when asked about Marlon Samuels’s outburst about the teams action in India.

However Marlon came firing back in an interview with ESPN cricinfo on October 27, 2014 alleging that he wanted Bravo to inform the public about the details of the pay dispute with their Cricket board, but that was turned down.

The Jamaican All-rounder also mentioned that he never agreed to stand by any decision taken by the team during the Indian tour.

He further contested Dwayne Bravo claims that he agreed to abide by any decision taken by his team including leaving India before the end of the tour schedule.

He told ESPN, that he did not give Bravo his word on any agreement. He was quoted as saying “No, I did not say that I am going to stand by any decision," he said. "Because nobody asked me questions like that. It is up to the individual to say okay I am with you. You had people in the room that didn't even open their mouth or say anything."

This was in contrast to what Bravo mentioned earlier saying that Samuels was an active a participant in team meetings during the tour.

Samuels is sticking by his word that he wanted the tour to be finished, but the captain and others had other plans.

The explosive right hand batsman also said that he believes WIPA President is to stand some of blame for the premature end to the tour.

Samuels who is not a accredited member of WIPA, said he was desiring and eyeing a successful tour in India

The West Indies players who were in India barring Samuels and other Members of WIPA, have sought to pursue legal help in going forward with the matter at hand.