Digicel President’s Invitational Chess tournament continues today

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Digicel President’s Invitational Chess tournament,Ian Wilkinson,Peter Thomas,

After four rounds of the 2016 edition of the Jamaica Chess Federation (“JCF”) Digicel President’s Invitational Chess tournament, National Master (“NM”) Daren Wisdom (the defending champion) has scored a blistering four wins from four games for a one-point lead. 

In second position is NM Paul Brooks with three points while the sixty year-old veteran Michael Diedrick and JCF President Ian Wilkinson QC are tied for third on two and one-half points each.

The twelve participants, traditionally invited by the JCF President, named in order of highest rating are: 

1.National Master (“NM”) Peter Thomas (former member of the champion Camperdown High School team); 

2.NM Paul Brooks (the solid Wolmerian master); 

3.NM Daren Wisdom (the Charlemont High School alumnus, Chess Olympian and former Jamaica Junior champion);

4.Kevin Merritt (strong Candidate Master carrying the hopes of the parish of Westmoreland); 

5.Miguel Asher (former Jamaica Junior Champion); 

6.Lucien Rowe (aiming to repeat or surpass some of the successes of his celebrated sibling, Duane); 

7.Andre Soares (the tough Candidate Master);

8.Kevron Campbell (“MagChess” coach from Clarendon);

9.Michael Diedrick (a former three-time winner); 

10.Ian Wilkinson QC (JCF President and defending Jamaica Veterans’ champion); 

11.Woman Candidate Master (“WCM”) Ariel Barrett (the 2015 Jamaica Women’s champion and Chess Olympian); and

12.Terence Lindo (the Jamaica College alumnus and chess veteran of 30+ years). 

The event started on Saturday April 9, 2016 and will end on Sunday April 24, 2016. It is a round-robin event to be played over eleven rounds, each player facing the other at a time control of game in 90 minutes with increments of 30 seconds per move from the first move.





Round five continues at the Jamaica Olympic Association (“JOA”) offices on Saturday, April 16 at 9:00 am with the following games: Lindo-Rowe; Merritt-Soares; Wilkinson-Wisdom; Brooks-Campbell; Thomas-Barrett and Diedrick-Asher. Players with the white pieces are named first. 

The playing schedule, starting ranking of the players, the results and standings can be found at the following websites: www.Chess-Results.com; www.jamaicachessfederation.com and www.jamchess.com. 
The event is being played at the JOA (save for rounds 3 and 4 played on Sunday April 10 at Shirley Retreat Hotel) and is sponsored by Digicel, Kasparov Chess Foundation, the JOA and Magnificent Chess Foundation.