Asafa returns with third place finish

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Photo: Asafa Powell finished third in Lucerne (Getty Images)

Asafa Powell could only manage 10.30 seconds for third place in Lucerne on Tuesday in race won by another Jamaican, Julian Forte. The man with the most sub-10 clockings in history was however pleased to be back on the track after being cleared to run again by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Powell who was banned by local governing body JADCO for a stimulant took his case to CAS who reduced his suspension to six months freeing him to run again.

Speaking after the race Powell said, “"It's good to be back. I've had a lot of stress and pressure over the last few months.I haven't trained for three weeks. I need to come back back bit by bit.”

Antoine Adams of St Kitts and Nevis finished second behind Forte.