5th Staging of Pure Water/Anthrick Meet set for Saturday

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 Anthrick Sports Management,Julian Forte,Sherona Forrester,Ricky Martin

Photo: Julian Forte guest speaker, Sandra Ledgister - Sponsorship Executive at Digicel, Ricky Martin CEO of Anthrick Sports Management, Sherona Forrester guest speaker and member of the Reggae Girls and Leroy Crooks the Sales and Marketing Manager of Peak bottling company at the launch of the Pure Water-Anthrick Sports Management Track meet.

The Pure Water-Anthrick Sports Management Track meet to be held at the UWI/Usain Bolt track on Saturday, May 9, 2015 will be used as a qualifier for the annual (JISA)/Serge Prep Championships. The meet is welcomed by the Jamaica Independent Schools’ Association (JISA) as it is part of the preparation of athletes for Prep champs.

The meet has attracted sponsors like: Pure Water, Hi-Lyte, Digicel, Tastee, Reggae Jammin and Guardsman.

There press launch for meet was held on Wednesday at the Spanish Court hotel where Julian Forte who came though the prep school system spoke about how important this meet is and the impact it can have on the future of the country.

“It’s an honor for me to sit around the head table and to be able to give kids encouragement and this is an very good opportunity for the kids. When I was going to prep school it was always grass we ran on so, it’s good to see the kids get to run on the chevron and I encourage sponsors to always be here for the kids”, Forte said.

Ricky Martin of the organizing committee, is looking forward to a good meet and is thankful for the opportunity and welcome the flying Angels from Canada and the special Olympians who will also be competing on the day.

“This is a good opportunity for sponsors and for the kids especially. There will be food on sale for supporters all day, Digicel will have double bubble and I can promise you that the meet will be a very good one” said Ricky Martin the Chief Executive Officer of Anthrick Sports Management.

Guess speaker Damion Crawford the Minister of State in the Ministry of Tourism, was happy to see the sponsors on board supporting the kids and spoke about how this Pure Water-Anthrick Meet can benefit tourism in Jamaica and said this is why other countries want to do pattern our way in order to do better in track and field on the world stage.

The sponsors were excited for the opportunity to be a part of the development of sports.

“We at Pure Water are committed in youth development to make Jamaica a better one, we have not penned a figure that we will be giving but we have agreed to make the meet a well organized and fun one” said Leroy Crooks the Sales and Marketing Manager of Peak bottling company.

Digicel's Sandra Ledgister who is a Sponsorship Executive at the company said, "We are thankful to be a part of developing the meet and supporting the students that will be participating. This really fits in our mandate to be a part of making Jamaica a better country, as we know it starts from developing our kids and showing them that they have support.

The meet is set for an 8:30am start and expected to finish at 5:30pm.