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Photo: Puma representative in Jamaica, Alfred ‘Frano’ Francis, displays the Bolt Evo Disc Laceless Spike, at the launch of the ISSA/Grace Kennedy Track an Field Championships at the Spanish Court Hotel last week.





Addressing the launch of the 106th staging of the annual ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Athletics Championships at the Spanish Court Hotel last week,Puma Jamaica Representative Mr Alfred ‘Frano’ Francis revealed that Champs will be graced by the new, laceless Puma running spikes.

The new footwear will adorn the feet of the athletes from the eight Puma sponsored school teams, namely St Jago Boys and Girls, Kingston College, Jamaica College, Calabar High school, Munro College and Wolmers Boyand Wolmers Girls.This is not a new innovation by Puma, but it is an improvement on something started years ago Francis revealed.

“Puma did a similar thing back in the 90’s, but they have developed on the technology where  this laceless spikes is concerned. It is where you have a knob which is termed as a disc, which you just turn it and tighten the spikes.  Therefore there is a certain evenness in how both shoes are tightened and it’s not about drawing your lace and pulling it up. It tightens evenly, so you rotate clockwise to tighten and anticlockwise to untighten. It is a good fit.”

With the Rio Olympics mere months away, Puma Ambassador Usain Bolt is likely to don the same foot wear in Brazil later this year.

“The name is Bolt Evo Disc Spike and with Bolt being Puma’s main ambassador, and as far track and field is concern, they would like him to wear it in whatever they are promoting,” Francis further explained.

When quizzed about the possibility of Puma increasing its sponsorship to other schools outside of the eight listed above, Francis was not sure of the expansion to other schools, but reinforced Puma’s support for the schools currently on board.

“There are eight schools on board. We are not sure if there will be an expansion to other schools for now. Puma does a lot for all the schools they take care of. The spend is huge, for those schools, Kingston College, Jamaica College, Munro College, St Jago’s Boys and Girls, Calabar and Wolmers  Boys and Girls. You can look forward to seeing them wearing the new spikes and trainers at Boys and Girls Championship.”

Calabar High School and Edwin Allen High are the respective Boys and Girls Champions going into the event scheduled for March 15-19, 2016.

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