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WADA will be found wanting warns Mills

Glen Mills,JADCO,WADA,

Glen Mills, head coach of Jamaican Track and Field club Racers Track Club, believes that an investigation of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) would result in less than favourable findings as it relates to how the governing body handles its responsibilities.

Mills made a series of stinging remarks about the organization and how it is run while making a contribution at a Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission Symposium at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston Jamaica on Thursday. He questioned the legitimacy of the former head of WADA, Dick Pound, being given the responsibility of investigating an organization that he headed not so long ago.

“When a Dick Pound, who was the head of WADA, is heading an independent commission of WADA to investigate- that is the height of a lack of integrity… and that is what we face,” he lamented.

“Why does WADA refuse to allow DNA testing of the stuff (sample) to indicate three months ago what we took from you is still you?” Mills asked.

You can’t have the same lab that test the A (Sample) test the B (sample). Why would you want to condemn yourself to B if you found out you made a mistake with A, you must cover up,” he said, suggesting that if WADA made a mistake while testing sample A they would cover up their own error at the expense of the offending athlete.

“I am sure when WADA is investigated they too will come up short,” Mills stated as he made his feelings about the organization clear.

JADCO was hosting a symposium “Assessing the impact of the 2015 Anti-Doping Code”. 

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