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Wray and Nephew Contender

 |  Written by Marvin Walters  |  0
Tsetsi "Assassin" Davis,Courtney McCleaves,Wray and Nephew Contender,

Photo: Tsetsi "Assassin" Davis land a left hook to the head of American Courtney McCleaves, in the 2016 Wray and Nephew Contender Boxing series, at the Chinese Benovolent Association auditorium on Wednesday night. Davis scored a TKO victory—the 38 year-old’s 11th TKO win in his 21 career bouts.

 |  Written by Marvin Walters  |  0
Wray and Nephew Contender, Kemahl Russell,Kevin Placide,

Photo: Kevin Placide is knocked to the floor for the fifth time by Kemahl Russell who looks on from the corner. Russell won the first fight of the fifth season of the Wray and Nephew Boxing Contender Series by knock out at the Chinese Benevolent Association last night.

Kemahl "hitman" Russell steamrolled into The Chinese Benevolent Auditorium last night and pounded away on Kevin "Gaad" Placide en route to an third round KO victory, as the fifth edition of the Wray and Nephew Contenders 5th series began.