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 |  Written by Dwayne Richards  |  0

Sabina Park -

Holy Trinity 3-2 (PEN) Clarendon College (1-1 AET)

Charlie Smith 1-3 Garvey Maceo

National Stadium -

Hydel High 1-0 Old Harbour High

Denham Town 0-5 STETHS

St. Georges College 5-1 Godfrey Stewart

Catherine Hall -

Camperdown 3-0 Dinthill Technical

Wolmers 3-1 St. James High

Jamaica College 2-1 Cornwall College

 |  Written by Christopher Lynch  |  0

By the time the Charlie Smith and Garvey Maceo players took to the field at Sabina Park in the second game of a double-header, the North Stand, which was the only stand open to the general public, was almost full to capacity. The electric atmosphere inside the stadium created by the sounds of the horns and the screams of the fans gave way to an absorbing contest between two good football teams.