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Hydel High

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Digicel Grand Prix,Champs 2017,Kingston College,Calabar High,Edwin Allen,St.Jago High,Hydel High,Spot Valley High,Rusea's High,Holmwood Technical High,

Photo: Christopher Taylor points to the clock as he pilot's home Calabar High School to a record breaking win in the last track event of the Digicel Athletics Grand Prix Series Finale at the National Stadium on Saturday. Calabar won the event in 3:09.96 seconds to erase the 3:10.84 seconds set way back in 2015 by St. Elizabeth Technical High School.

The National stadium was host to a feast of exciting and thrilling performances as the curtains came down on the third staging of the Digicel Grand Prix on Saturday.

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Hydel High,Holmwood Technical,Edwin Allen,Milo Western Relays,ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Championships,Champs 2017,

Photo: Hydel High dominated the girls sprint hurdles while following home the "Big Two", Edwin Allen and Holmwood Technical in the Relays at the Milo Western Relays at the Catherine Hall Stadium on Saturday.

Three relay records along with a few individual event records were rewritten as the nation’s junior and senior athletes put on a fine display at the Milo Western Relays on Saturday.

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Hydel High,Youngster Goldsmith Classics,Shian Salmon,ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Athletics Championships,

Photo: Shian Salmon of Hydel High clears the penultimate hurdle of the Class One Girls 400m hurdles at the Youngster Goldsmith Classics on Saturday. Salmon won the event in 59.31s.





Shian Salmon of Hydel High school, underlined her favourite’s tag more than a month before the ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Athletics Championships, when she stormed to victory in the Class One Girls 400m hurdles; leaving the field in her wake to win by more than 10 meters, at the Youngster Goldsmith Classics inside the National Stadium on Saturday.

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Champs 2017,Kingston College,Calabar High,Hydel High,Vere Tech,Wolmers,Immaculate,Alpha,

The ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Champs 2016, runners up Hydel High girls track and field team, and Kinsgton College provided strong showings at the 2nd installment of the McKenley/Wint Track & Field Classic held on Saturday, January 21, 2017 on the grounds of Calabar High School.

With noticeable top name absentees, such as Christopher Taylor, Dejour Russell and Michael Stephens from the Calabar squad, Kingston College with their throng of supporters dominated much of the day’s proceedings as did the Ferry based Hydel High.

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 Excelsior High ,ISSA/FLOW Manning Cup,Hydel High,Calabar High,St. Jago High,Cumberland High,

Photo: Brad Tulley (centre) and his teammates celebrate what they thought was the game winner against Calabar High in the ISSA/FLOW Manning Cup on Monday. Tulley scored in the 88th minute to give his team a 2-1 lead, but an own goal in the fourth minute of stoppage time gifted Calabar a point.




A flurry of late goals in the final fifteen minutes of the ISSA/FLOW Manning Cup match between Calabar High and Hydel High saw the visitors denied a crucial win on Monday as teams jostle for positions in the second round of the competition.

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Hydel High,Moniefa Green,Youngsters Goldsmith Classics,Champs 2016,

Photo: Moniefa Green of Hydel High school competing in her first steeplechase race for the season finished second in a time of 7:22.29s.

Sixteen year old Moniefa Green of Hydel High school is looking to fully establish herself as one of the country’s top junior middle distance talents, after posting a number of good results in the development meets so far this season.

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Hydel High,Taqece Duggan,Edwin Allen High ,Calabar,Champs 2016,

Photo: Taqece Duggan of Hydel High winning her heat of the Class One Girls 400m at the McKenley/Wint Classic on Saturday.

Last year’s history screams out that Girls Championship runners up, Hydel High is destined for a bigger move this year with eyes set on winning the coveted title held by the 'Blues' of Frankfeild, Clarendon, Edwin Allen High School.

The truth is that history has never done a lap or scaled a height on a track or in the field. Anything can happen when athletes from around the country gather inside the National Stadium come March.

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ISSA/FLOW Manning Cup,Hydel High,Denham Town High,

Photo: Denham Town Manning Cup team


Denham Town High school became the first qualifiers for the semifinals of the ISSA/FLOW Manning Cup competition, after ISSA today ruled that Hydel High would be docked three points and three goals, for using an ineligible player in the Manning Cup game played between the two schools last week Tuesday.

Hydel High had used a player who had received a red card in the quarter finals of the ISSA/FLOW Super Cup and he should have subsequently missed the next match.

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Camperdown,Hydel High,ISSA/FLOW Manning Cup,Brad Tulley,

Photo: Hydel midfielder Brad Tulley chases after his Camperdown counterpart Tajae Brown during their Group I Manning Cup clash at the Constant Spring field on Wednesday. The game ended 2-2


In the drama filled second game of the ISSA/FLOW Manning Cup in Group I, at the Constant Spring Field on Wednesday, Camperdown rallied from a goal down to take a 2-1 lead but somehow allowed Hydel who had been reduced to nine men to get a share of the spoils.