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Group B
Vauxhall vs. Charlie Smith
Mona High vs. Cumberland

Group C
Denham Town vs. Innswood
Ardenne vs. Tivoli

Group E
Clan Carthy vs. Holy Trinity
St. Mary’s College vs. Edith Dalton

Group F
Hydel vs. St. Catherine
St. Jago vs. Penwood
Eltham vs. Calabar

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Photo: Action from the match between Calabar and Hydel - Hydel won the game 2-0.

This Manning Cup scores update is brought to you by: Ensure Active Muscle

Group B

Excelsior 5-0 Mona
Vauxhall 1-0 Cumberland

Group C

St Mary's College 3-1 Tivoli Gardens
Ardenne 2-1 Innswood
Denham Town 1-0 Edith Dalton

Group F

Calabar 0-2 Hydel
St Jago 2-0 St.Catherine
Eltham 4-0 Penwood

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Photo: Shanoya Swaby anchors Hydel to gold in the Girls 4x200m relay ahead of Our Lady of the Angels Prep and Quest Prep.


Protest action at the end of an intriguing 2014 Jamaica Independent Schools Association (JISA)/Serge Island National Prep Schools Boys’ and Girls’ Track and Field Championships at the National Stadium on Saturday ruined what was a beautiful spectacle of track and field.