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Chad Wright

 |  Written by Oshae Hudson  |  0
Rio Olympics 2016,Christoff Bryan,Travis Smikle,Chad Wright,Natoya Goule,Omar McLeod,Jowayne Hibbert,Demar Forbes,Fedrick Dacres,

Photo: Omar McLeod clears the final hurdle on his waiting to winning his second consecutive national title and sealing his spot on the Jamaican team to the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil. Deuce Carter who is clearing the final hurdle finished second.

Both are young, both had outstanding junior careers, both represented the Manchester High school at the ISSA Boys and Girls Champs, but there is also the fact that both Natoya Goule and Omar McLeod are living their dreams and striving to bring joy to the nation.

 |  Written by Oshae Hudson  |  0
Omar McLeod,Fedrick Dacres,Traves Smikle,Chris-Ann Gordon,Chad Wright,

Photo: Omar McLeod and Fedrick Dacres both achieved personal bests in the 100m and discus respectively, on Saturday

It was a good outing for Jamaica's upcoming stars, at various meets across the United States of America on Saturday. New world leads and personal bests were the order of the day for the athletes as they continue their build up to the Rio Olympic Games later this summer.