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Carlo Redwood

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ISSA/FLOW Super Cup.Kingston College, STETHS, Carlo Redwood, Ludlow Bernard, Rashwan Mackison, Renato Campbell, Ronaldo Robinson, Trayvone Reid

Photo: Kingston College captain Javain Brown gets his hand on the ISSA/FLOW Super Cup trophy before his coach Ludlow Bernard. The team was all smiles after they became only the fourth school to win the coveted trophy when they beat St. Elizabeth Technical High School 3-0 at Sabina Park.




Rashawn 'Puddy' Mackison scored a brilliant hatrick as Kingston College overcame valiant St Elizabeth Technical High School to win the ISSA/Flow Super Cup final 3-0 at Sabina Park.

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ISSA/FLOW Super Cup,Manning Cup,DaCosta Cup,Ben Francis Cup,Walker Cup,Carlo Redwood,St. Georges College,Wolmer's,Jamaica College,Kingston College

Photo: Christina Taylor, Group Marketing Manager for the ATL Automotive Group, Stephen Miller, Sponsorship and Events Manager at FLOW, Carlo Redwood, Vice President of Marketing and TV at FLOW Dr. Walton Small, President of ISSA, Hope McMillan of Scotia Bank Andrei Roper Marketing Manager at KFC. (Leo Hudson photo)




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ISSA/FLOW Super Cup,Dominic James,Carlo Redwood,Jamaica College,St Georges College,

L-R Representing their respective brands, Kim Lee, Head of Channel Marketing and Sponsorship at FLOW, Andrei Roper, Brand Manager at KFC, Chrysta-Jaye Walker, Marketing Manager Huawei, Brian Schmidt, Marketing Manager Zip FM, Michaela Francis ( 3rd right), Brand Manager for Coca Cola, Simone Jackson,  Locker Room Sports Ltd representatives of Nike and Jermaine Brown, Sponsorship & Events Manager Wisynco flank ISSA/FLOW Super Cup organizers Carlo Redwood ( centre), VP Marketing & Television , Dr.

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ISSA/FLOW Super Cup,St. Elizabeth Technical,Carlo Redwood,Walton Small,

Photo: Vice President of Marketing at FLOW Carlo Redwood and the President of ISSA, Dr. Walton Small display the FLOW Super Cup Trophy.

The ISSA/FLOW Super Cup competition for 2015 will get underway on Saturday October 24 and comes to an end on Saturday November 14.

The second staging of this very lucrative football competition, dubbed the Champions League of Schoolboy Football promises to be bigger and better than last year and is built as a showdown between the best of urban vs the best of the rural.

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Carlo Redwood,LIME,Futsal,

Telecommunications firm LIME has announced that it will launch a National Futsal Competition come March 2015.

LIME’s Carlo Redwood, VP of Marketing said that this programme will have a greater impact on the development of local football than the previous year’s competition.

“The Futsal format has for many years been the world wide platform for football development at both the national and club level in many countries across the world. We believe that Futsal will provide a credible way of exposing talents to clubs as well as National programmes” Redwood explained.

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Telecommunications giants LIME, has scored big with the new Super Cup, fittingly called the Champions League of Schoolboy Football. The competition has seen massive crowds at all the venues in the three weekends it has been held so far. A David versus Goliath final between underdogs Holy Trinity High and massive favourites Jamaica College has set the stage for the perfect final at Sabina Park on Saturday November 8th, starting at 4:00pm.

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Photo: Lenny "Teacha" Hyde, coach of Kingston College, poses with the brand new LIME Super Cup

Kingston, Jamaica – September, 4,2014 – Telecommunications firm LIME, title sponsors of the ongoing LIME/ISSA School Boy Football competition, this morning announced that a new competition, the LIME Super Cup, is expected to bring new innovation, energy and excitement to the ever popular secondary school football competition when introduced in October.