World Athletics moves to protect National Federations

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Photo: NACAC President Mike Sands




World Athletics, the global governing body for track and field, has put out a calendar that covers the next four years, 2021-2024, for National Associations to safely host their individual championships.

CEO of World Athletics, Jon Ridgeon, said “these protected windows mean that the Member Federations in Europe, North America and the Caribbean and North Africa can plan their National Championships on these weekends, free in the knowledge that there will be no clashes with Wanda Diamond League, or Continental Tour Gold, Silver or Bronze International Meetings.”

Several clashes between National Associations and event organizers, regarding the availability of athletes who were being forced into making uncomfortable decisions, forced World Athletics to act.

The world governing body released a calendar, which is designed to ensure that there are no clashes for athletes within specific regions and within specific times.

For next year, 2021, there are two Protected National Championship windows, June 5th and 6th and June 26th and 27th. For 2022, only one window has been officially earmarked, June 25th and 26th.

The years 2023 and 2024 have been designated with the same dates of July 8th and 9th for window one and June 29th and 30th for window 2.

Half of the world is yet to receive a calendar, but World Athletics gave assurances that they too will be getting a calendar soon.

“The Global Calendar Unit is working on similar suitable arrangements with Asia, South America, Southern Africa and Oceania to ensure the optimization of the calendar in those Continental Areas,” they assured.