Waterhouse, Tivoli Gardens hunt Premier League points

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Andre Fletcher, Ramone Howell, Devroy Gray, Ridico Wellington, Jamaica Premier League, Phillip Williams, Tivoli Gardens, Waterhouse FC, Marcel Gayle,

Photo: Phillip Williams - Head Coach Tivoli Gardens 





Coach Phillip Williams and his team will be seeking to rebound in this upcoming game after being thrashed 3-1 by Portmore United. Since Tivoli Gardens has no margin for error in this year's competition, the team must put that game behind them and focus on the task at hand.

A win, draw, and loss has placed Tivoli in eighth place during this tournament. Coach Williams believes in his players but wants them to execute on the field what they have practiced in training, such as pressing more in the midfield. He expressed this in their previous game as the main reason for their loss.

After resting out the previous week, Waterhouse FC will host Tivoli Gardens and hope to improve their standing. In three matches, Waterhouse FC has won only one and drawn two. They showed that they are capable of performing well during their previous match against second seed Vere United FC. If they replicate this, they might be able to prevail when they face Tivoli on Monday.

Tivoli's goal scorers so far have been midfielders Devroy Gray and Ridico Wellington, while Andre Fletcher, Ramone Howell, and Shaquille Beckford have netted for Waterhouse FC. It is essential that these players perform tactically and help their team to win. The tournament has been competitive so far, and the moment you fail to take advantage of the opportunity, you will fall behind in the standings.

Despite struggling in the tournament, the fans have always supported both teams. Waterhouse FC will face Tivoli Garden FC at 3:30 p.m. in the last game of week five, at the UWI-JFF Captain Horace Burrell Center of Excellence, Kingston.


Written by: Marsha-Ree Lawrence