Tseste “turns off” Sub Zero’s light in Wray & Nephew Contender Quarter-finals

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Photo: Tsetse "Lights Out" Davis knocks out the mouth-piece of Ramal "Sub Zero" Lewis in the final round of their fight at the CBA last night. Davis won the contest by unanimous decision.


Tsetse “Lights Out” Davis pulled a “JPS” last night when he turned off the lights on the Contender 2014 dream of Ramal “Sub Zero” Lewis as action in the quarter-finals of the Wray & Nephew Contender Series began at the Chinese Benevolent Association (CBA) in Kingston Jamaica.

After a somewhat cagey first round in which Davis was the aggressor, both boxers went toe-to-toe from the start of the second round in a fierce punch up. Davis also took round two but not before Lewis landed some solid blows of his own.

The brawling continued in rounds three and four and played into the hands of the stronger Davis who used a mix of body shots and punches to the head to dominate his opponent through the middle rounds. Lewis fought as best as he could but was no match for his opponent.

Round five proved to be the defining round of the contest. Davis punched out the mouth-piece of Lewis during a bloody and dominant round. Davis went in for the kill and a series of heavy blows knocked Lewis across the ring and into the ropes, before the referee stopped the contest momentarily; to allow Lewis to retrieve and replace his mouth piece. The respite seemed to save “Sub Zero” from a potential knock out.

There was no letting up from Davis in the final round of the bout and he continued to dominate his opponent, knocking out his mouth-piece once more with a straight right to the jaw, while landing blows to the body and head almost at will.

The final bell saw Davis break out into a dance, to the delight of the spectators, most of who cheered wildly throughout the entire fight.

When the scorecard was read there were no surprises as all three judges scored the contest in favour of Tsetse “Lights Out” Davis who will now proceed to the semi-finals of the competition.


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