Speid ousted by delegates in favour of Stephenson

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Photo: Outgoing KSAFA President, Rudolph Speid

The Annual General Meeting of the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) was held this morning at the office of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF). The main item on the agenda was the presidential election.

Ever since the Rudolph Speid led body narrowly escaped a vote of "No Confidence" earlier this year, the administration knew they had work to do. Former president, Stewart Stephenson stepped up and threw his hat in the ring, challenging his former treasurer. What many thought would have been a simple election, at one point, resembled local government elections outside the JFF office. Both sets of supporters were seen in heated discussions, added to that was the presence of members of the Jamaica Constabulary force standing at the entrance of the stairs leading to the meeting room.

As the hours rolled on the meeting never got underway because of many different reasons. One such reason was because the delegates list and who was eligible to vote raised a lot of concerns and unrest. However, after waiting for two hours and 15 mins the meeting was called to order at 10:15 am. Then came another critical point of discussion as to the eligibility of Danny Lyn's Constant Spring FC. This sparked another heated debate which went on for another 15 mins before both parties came to an agreement that Constant Spring would be allowed to enter the room and vote. The process commenced immediately after the President's report. Forty affiliations were allowed two votes which would see 80 ballots being cast.

The voting was done very smoothly and in an orderly manner and when it was time for the ballots to be counted the room was very tense. When the dust was settled Stephenson emerged the winner by a vote of 42 -36.

The President Elect of KSAFA has a strong team with very noticeable names in the footballing arena, including Andrew Price, Carvel Stewart, Mark Burnett and Clyde Juredini along with some young upcoming talents. Stephenson is already promising to bring back the Major and Super leagues in September/October, with three new sponsors and restoration of the original start dates for all youth football.