Reggae Boyz friendlies cancelled

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Photo: Shamar Nicholson (right) in action for the Reggae Boyz last year. 





World Cup preparations for the Reggae Boyz hit a major snag with the revelation that the two friendlies originally scheduled for October, were cancelled due to concerns about the Covid-19 virus.

The news of the cancellation of the games came by way of a press release from the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) on Sunday.

The release stated that two games had been scheduled for next month, one against the USA and the other against an unnamed country in Central America.

“The Jamaica Football Federation, in conjunction with its counterparts from the United States, has decided to forgo two Friendly Internationals which were being negotiated to be played in October.  

“Jamaica was in negotiations to play the United States and a top Central American team in the USA but the continued rise in numbers of Covid-19 has forced the postponement of both games, for health and safety reasons.  

“The JFF will continue to seek opportunities to play games in preparation for the World Cup qualifiers which start in June next year.”

These cancellations come hot of the heels of the rescheduling of a number of Gold Cup fixtures due to virus, which has wreaked havoc on a number of sporting events since March.


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