OAJ fulfilling mandate with Team Jamaica Bickle MOU says President Anderson

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Photo: Olympians Association of Jamaica President Marvin Anderson says signing of the MOU with Team Jamaica Bickle will help to grow the OAJ significantly. 




Marvin Anderson, the President of the Olympians Association of Jamaica (OAJ), is confident that the Memorandum of Understanding that his organization has signed with Team Jamaica Bickle will help to take his organization forward in a very meaningful way.

Anderson says that the signing of the MOU, which took place on Friday at Independence Park, helps the OAJ to fulfill a part of the mandate they put forward at the beginning of his term, a few months ago.

“It’s very important because, as stated in our mandate, some of the areas we set out to build on, is to increase our membership and to formulate partnerships, while continuing to do work and contributing to our society.

“So, we were able to fulfill one of our mandates in formulatating the partnership, so we can grow the organization and I think this type of partnership with Team Jamaica Bickle will be fruitful.”

Anderson is hoping to make the most of the Team Jamaica Bickle network to better serve the membership of the OAJ.

“They will be able to use their platform to leverage the association in order to garner the support that is needed for us to service our members and it is important, that whatever we do we are able to service our members and ensure that our Olympians continue to live fruitful lives after they finish competing for the country.”

He also believes that the advantages of the partnership will have an exponential effect on all areas of the OAJ.

“I think the scope of this partnership is limitless. I think the platform and credibility that Team Jamaica Bickle has presented, based on the work they have done over the years, the OAJ will be able to tap into that network.

“They will be able to leverage their network on our behalf, so that we can seek the corporate partnerships that is required for us to grow the organization in areas of education (and) in areas of servicing our members, especially in the diaspora.

The MOU is set to last for five years with an option to extend beyond that, if the parties agree.