Former Munroe star athlete reunites with High School coach

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Like the prodigal son, Turks and Caikos and Great Britain athlete, Delano Williams has returned to the guidance of his high school coach, Neil Harrison. The athlete, who represented the St. Elizabeth, based all boys’ institution Munro College, under the stewardship of Harrison, before parting ways in 2012 after completing his high school career.

He went on to the University of the West Indies, where he is currently completing his tertiary studies and started training at the Glen Mills lead Racers Track club.

The 2012 World Junior 200m winner, who also represented the Great Britain, at the senior level at the 2012 summer Olympics, has decided to reunite with his High school coach. Harrison is currently giving Instructions to student athletes at Kingston College, both in Football and Track and field.

The Head coach and President of Racers Glen Mills, expressed to the media, that it was a safe move for the athlete and will not affect his membership at the club as he will still run under the racers banner.

"The plan was always for him to stay close to Coach Harrison, who was always aiming to work with him throughout his career but, of course, that became difficult when it was time for him to move on to an institution of higher learning. The fact that he is not being coached by us or by me does not affect his membership at the club. He still runs for us," Mills said

He currently has a personal best time of 10.28s in the 100m and 20.27s in the 200m, achieved at the 2012 Boys and Girls Championship.