Changes afoot at Netball Jamaica

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Mrs. Jermaine Allison Mc Cracken,Sasher-Gaye Henry,Marvette Anderson

Photo: Mrs. Jermaine Mc Cracken has resigned as Head Coach of the Sunshine Girls.





Following a slew of news that has resulted in more questions that answers, Netball Jamaica has issued a press release to outline the changes within the organization as well as the withdrawal of Jamaica’s entry from the Senior Caribbean Championships. Below is the full text of the release.


The Board of Directors of Netball Jamaica, in an effort to keep the public apprised of developments that affects our national programmes, wishes to advise of the following changes in plans and personnel:


1.         Postponement of the Senior Caribbean Championships


On Friday, August 4th, 2017, Netball Jamaica, through the Office of the President, received official notification from Mrs. Rufina Paul, President of the Caribbean Netball Association, advising us of the postponement of the upcoming Senior Caribbean Championship, which was due to take place between August 19-26th, 2017.   The reasons cited included the withdrawal of Barbados and Grenada.  


It must be further noted that the Board of Directors of Netball Jamaica, voted unanimously, on August 3rd, 2017 to withdraw Jamaica’s entry from the Senior Caribbean Championships.  The decision was reached on the heels of a presentation from NJ’s Coaching Committee which detailed an analysis of the possible outcomes to be derived from participation in the Caribbean Championships that were, for the first time, being classified as a ranking tournament. The tournament would involve teams that have not yet attained rating points and teams that currently hold less than 100 points.  Consultations were also held with the players, coaching staff and Technical Committee of Netball Jamaica.


Netball Jamaica remains committed to participating in regional friendly encounters for the purpose of regional ranking, but reserves the right to determine when and against whom we compete for world ranking.   


Further questions about the above should be directed to the Netball Jamaica’s Technical Manager, Miss Arleene Findlay.


2.         Board’s acceptance of the resignation of Mrs. Jermaine Allison Mc Cracken 


The President and Technical Manager of Netball Jamaica, were advised, through email by Mrs. Mc Cracken of the terms under which she intends to remain in the position of Coach of the Senior Sunshine Girls. She also indicated in that communiqué that if the desired terms were not adhered to by NJ, she would tender her resignation effective July 31, 2017.


The details and requests were discussed in a meeting of the Board of Directors of Netball Jamaica on August 3rd, 2017 and the agreeability of the terms put to the vote.  The democratic process resulted in a unanimous vote to reject the proposed terms and accept the resignation of Mrs. Mc Cracken. 


The Board wishes to advise that the probationary period of six months that was included in Mrs. Mc Cracken’s contract would have taken her the end of September 2017.   Also of note is the fact that her continuation as Head Coach of the Senior Sunshine Girls Squad was contingent on a final appraisal of her performance over the period.


We wish to thank Mrs. Mc Cracken for her contributions over the last four months and we wish her success in all future endeavours.




3. Appointment of Interim Coaches to oversee the Sunshine Girl’s Preparations (August-December 2017)


In light of the acceptance of the resignation of Mrs. Jermaine Mc Cracken, and the immediacy of the implications, the Board of Director of Netball Jamaica has appointed Misses: Sasher-Gaye Henry and Marvette Anderson to continue the programme for the rest of the year.