12th CVSS Summer Games begin today

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CVSS,Christopher Samuda,Christine Scott-Brown,Winsome Wilkins,Tanketa Chance-Wilson

Photo: Winsome Wilkins CEO of CVSS and  CVSS Youth Sector Chair,man Tanketa Chance-Wilson receive the cheque from Mrs. Christine Scott-Brown, Executive Director, National Baking Company Foundation.




The Council of Voluntary Social services (CVSS) will be hosting the 12th CVSS Summer Games on Saturday, July 7, 2018 at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona Bowl.

The Summer Games is an initiative funded by the CVSS and its partners that is geared towards the holistic development of underserved youth through sports.

This year’s staging which is being held under the theme: “Feeling the United Spirit of Sport,” will attract some 1,500 participants from 20 affiliate agencies showing off skills in Netball, Football, Track and Field, Basketball and other traditional games.

One of the major objectives of the CVSS Summer Games is to bring the youth agencies in Jamaica together for friendly competition and as well as using sports an avenue for positive social intervention in the society.

It also seeks to advance ‘Sport for All’ in Jamaica by incorporating disabled and able-bodied children competing together. To ensure the success of this initiative, several volunteers have been trained to assist with the overall planning and executing of the Games and also as a means of commitment to volunteerism in Jamaica.

Mrs. Christine Scott-Brown, Executive Director, National Baking Company Foundation said that her company was happy to be associated with the event as title sponsors once more.

“The National Baking Company Foundation is again pleased to be onboard this year as title sponsors for the CVSS Summer Games. Considering ourselves educators and being socially responsible the foundation is happy to have an opportunity like this to impact so many youth from so many communities at one time.”

The foundation will provide breakfast for over 100 volunteers and participants in addition to a cash donation of $500,000.  

CVSS Youth Sector Chair, Tanketa Chance-Wilson in highlighting the importance of the initiative indicated that this initiative was in keeping with the mandate of the CVSS.

“This is in keeping with CVSS’ mandate, which in part, is to provide an avenue for the development of young talented children through creative initiatives that will not only enhance their athletic skills but assist with leadership skills and their holistic development”.

She also lauded the Youth Agencies for supporting this initiative by positively responding to the Council’s request to participate.

Chance-Wilson noted that “they have been great. It shows that they too see themselves as key stakeholders in using sports to develop young talented children from the respective communities.”

President of the Jamaica Olympic Association, Mr. Christopher Samuda lauded the CVSS for i’s efforts to help the less fortunate and the children of Jamaica.

“CVSS is unquestionably a testimony of man’s humanity to man and the values which should define and characterize our social relations and order.

“We are called (by CVSS) to that spirit of volunteerism in promoting service, selfless service to our less fortunate brothers and sisters and indeed our children. In a world beset with narcissistic social and economic interests the culture of volunteerism and social responsibility need more than ever to be implanted in the DNA of man,” he said.

While most of the activities will take place on Saturday July 7 at the UWI Bowl, the football tournament associated with the event will take place today at the Water Commission field starting at 9:00am.

CVSS Summer Games will be held in collaboration with major partners including the National Baking Foundation, the Sports Development Foundation, the Usain Bolt Foundation and the Spanish Jamaican Foundation.