“You can’t change history,” roars Usain Bolt

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Photo: Usain Bolt posing with his trophy after he was named Jamaican Sportsman of the Year for 2015. It was the fifth such time that Bolt was receiving the award.



Usain Bolt has thrown cold water on suggestions coming out of the United Kingdom that all world records in track and field should be wiped out and everything start over from scratch.

Speaking with reporters shortly after collecting the Sportsman of the Year Award for 2015 at the Annual RJR National Sportsman and Sportswoman Awards for 2015 in Kingston, Jamaica the current World and Olympic Champion over 100m and 200m was strident in his point.

In rubbishing the idea Bolt said, “You can’t change history. That’s just the facts. No matter how you look at it or no matter how you want to put it, you can’t change history so that’s how I pretty much look at it.”

“People will always say a lot of things but I don’t think something like that will ever happen because you can’t just get up and decide that you are going to start from scratch and the history is there.

Bolt currently holds the world record in both, the 100m and 200m as well as being a part of the Jamaican quarter that holds the 4x100m world record.

Despite winning a number of international accolades for his performances on the track, Bolt admits that it is still special to be honoured by his home country.

“For me it is always great to win a Jamaican award. It’s an honour to be looked at by your peers and Jamaicans as being the best so I give thanks for that always.”

It was the fifth time that Bolt was picking up the national honour for his exploits on the track. The global icon is expected to end his Olympic track and field career in Rio later this year.